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NYC Payphone Pitch

“The City of NY asked the tech and design community to reinvent NYC payphones to make our city more accessible, safer, and better informed.

In response, Control Group and Titan partnered to create NYC I/O— the transformation of the corner payphone into a digital node that will usher in a new era of The Responsive City. “

That’s a blurb from the official post at Control Group in NYC, who along with director Carmen Osterlye hired me to do the VFX for their technology pitch video, seen below. Due to limited time and resources, the actors were asked to interact with empty space — there was nothing there to see or touch, and that’s where I came in.



I took the 3D models and UI graphics Control Group had designed with the help of Digital Toolbox’s Scott Leinweber and lit them, textured them, animated them, and composited them into the environment around the actor. It was an interesting challenge because of the complete absence of greenscreen or controlled lighting to aid the process, but I think the shots came out pretty well.



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