About Me

Hi! I’m Abe Dieckman. I spend the majority of my time maneuvering time and color to communicate stories and ideas. It’s fun. More specifically, I work in directorial and post-production for commercial video, digital content, music videos, and film (both short and feature-length).

I graduated from San Francisco State University with a Fine Arts degree in Cinema, honing my skills in film directing. Since then my focus has expanded to include compositing, visual effects and 2D computer animation.

In addition to post-production I also do writing and directing for my own narrative film work, including the feature film Trash and Progress.

My favorite film is The Shawshank Redemption. I think that’s important.

Speech at the film debut of Trash and Progress

Contact Me

Need some work done? I’d like to hear about it. Email me at abe@skylightcity.com (or through the form below), or download my 2013 Resumé PDF.