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Tragic Gadget’s “Shot in the Dark”

Last summer I had the pleasure of conceiving, storyboarding, and animating a new music video for the fun new band Tragic Gadget. They called up my producer/editor (“Preditor”) friend Tim Hahn at Chinese Takeout Films, suggested making a video about a bee, and we went from there.

With the character art design of Pamela Goodman, we spent months designing a micro animated world that I think matches the bouncy, free-spirited fun of their new single “Shot in the Dark,” which will debut soon on their EP.


Some friends and I participated in this years 24 Hour Film Race in San Francisco. The conditions were to make a short film entirely in 24 hours (7pm April 29th through 7pm APril 30th), using the following elements:

Theme: “Identity Theft”
Item: A flower
Action: Answering a phone

Other than that we were free to be as creative as necessary. The result is “Woolf,” a quick but hopefully entertaining animation piece. Very little sleep was had. Let us know what you think.

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