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Festival de Cannes

I’m in the middle of a wild week with my friends and filmmaking cohorts at Chinese Takeout Films, where our short film How the Spot Was Won just screened at the Short Film Corner part of the festival.

Overall the festival is overwhelming and amazing all at once, as is the city itself. We’ve been seeing films and meeting interesting filmmakers, but also taking it all in as a learning experience for future reference. It’s incredible just how many films are on the market at a time.

Tonight I’ll be attending the red carpet premiere of director Abbas Kiarostami’s “Like Someone in Love” at the Grand Lumiere Theater.

Exciting days ahead. Meanwhile, I just finished a day directing a 24-hour Film from start to finish with the CTO team at the cottage we’ve been staying at. Looking forward to showing that around, its a funny little one-shot vignette that I think turned out well.


Two prints I drew for Cassie Phillipps of WebWallflower Events on her birthday. I was pretty happy with them so I though I’d share.

“Trash and Progress” Screening!

I had an altogether surreal and incredible evening the other night hosting a private screening of my feature film “Trash and Progress” to the friends and families of the many talented people who helped put it all together. It’s been a long time coming with plenty of ups and downs, so I was happy to finally get it shown and feel really proud of the finished product.

As I entered the theater to make a quick introduction, I found myself humbled and overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm of so many friendly faces. I stumbled through a few words of thanks and sat down to let the movie speak for itself.

Overall, a great night. At this time I’m filling out submission forms for a number of upcoming film festival deadlines. Here’s hoping.

Movie stars Maryssa Wanlass and Sam Richie looking fantastic as they pose with our wonderful producer Ari Ali. Behind them is the film’s poster looking a bit washed out in the light.

Cast and crew carousing.

A moment from the afterparty.

All these photos, by the way, are courtesy our talented production photographer Luke Goodman, who came to the rescue with a camera on very short notice.

Thank you so much, everyone who came out to see and support our crazy robot movie!

Sometimes I feel like my lavalamp is watching me.

“Cadaver” in the Media

The short animated film I worked on in 2011 is picking up steam after its festival debut at the Santa Barbar International Film Festival this past weekend. I’m told it was well received and reaction posts on a few websites seem to agree. Take a look at the following posts about “Cadaver!”

MTV and Deadline posted about the film and its unique use of the Neil Young song “Heart of Gold,” one of my favorite elements in the film.

Deadline / Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” Gets New Treatment in Film

Tavi Gevinson Sings Neil Young In ‘Cadaver’ Animation

Additionally, Santa Barbara Seasons and the Metacafe Entertainment Network (MEN) both saw the film and have very positive little writeups.

Santa Barbara Seasons / Monday’s Film Fest Report

MEN / SBIFF: Cadaver

Next up the film will screen at the Cinequest festival in San Jose. I’ll be there this time, if you live in the area you should think about checking it out during one of the short film lineups:

WED 2/29; 3:45PM (C12)
FRI 3/2; 9:15PM (C12)
SUN 3/4; 1:15PM (C12)



Some friends and I participated in this years 24 Hour Film Race in San Francisco. The conditions were to make a short film entirely in 24 hours (7pm April 29th through 7pm APril 30th), using the following elements:

Theme: “Identity Theft”
Item: A flower
Action: Answering a phone

Other than that we were free to be as creative as necessary. The result is “Woolf,” a quick but hopefully entertaining animation piece. Very little sleep was had. Let us know what you think.

Wallpaper Music Video

Wallpaper StupidFacedd Screenshot 01

I recently finished the VFX work on a new music video for the Bay Area MC “Wallpaper,” called “#STUPiDFACEDD.” It premiered yesterday on MTV and on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog, and is now available to view in HD on Youtube, or in the embed below. A quick disclaimer: this video is a bit raunchy and might not be safe to watch in certain situations.

I touched up about 99% of the shots in this piece, with the aim to make them crazier and more atmospheric. Some shots involved adding smoke, haze and sparks to the scene, while in other shots I went as far as to manipulate faces, add wings, bring life to animal masks, and so on. It was an interesting job that spanned a wide range of necessary techniques and pushed me to try unusual approaches to old tricks. If I have any regret its that some of the tweaks were so small you’d have to go in frame-by-frame to really see whats changed, but often times the most invisible work is the most affective for the overall feel of a piece.