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Film School Blast From the Past

This morning I stumbled on the original HD files for a film I made with some friends back in film school, maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Its one of the few films I worked on from that time that I can still watch, though it has its issues of course. It’s one of those “Made in 48 Hour” films and was made by film students just starting to learn their craft, so please be kind. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of it!

Festival de Cannes

I’m in the middle of a wild week with my friends and filmmaking cohorts at Chinese Takeout Films, where our short film How the Spot Was Won just screened at the Short Film Corner part of the festival.

Overall the festival is overwhelming and amazing all at once, as is the city itself. We’ve been seeing films and meeting interesting filmmakers, but also taking it all in as a learning experience for future reference. It’s incredible just how many films are on the market at a time.

Tonight I’ll be attending the red carpet premiere of director Abbas Kiarostami’s “Like Someone in Love” at the Grand Lumiere Theater.

Exciting days ahead. Meanwhile, I just finished a day directing a 24-hour Film from start to finish with the CTO team at the cottage we’ve been staying at. Looking forward to showing that around, its a funny little one-shot vignette that I think turned out well.

“Trash and Progress” Screening!

I had an altogether surreal and incredible evening the other night hosting a private screening of my feature film “Trash and Progress” to the friends and families of the many talented people who helped put it all together. It’s been a long time coming with plenty of ups and downs, so I was happy to finally get it shown and feel really proud of the finished product.

As I entered the theater to make a quick introduction, I found myself humbled and overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm of so many friendly faces. I stumbled through a few words of thanks and sat down to let the movie speak for itself.

Overall, a great night. At this time I’m filling out submission forms for a number of upcoming film festival deadlines. Here’s hoping.

Movie stars Maryssa Wanlass and Sam Richie looking fantastic as they pose with our wonderful producer Ari Ali. Behind them is the film’s poster looking a bit washed out in the light.

Cast and crew carousing.

A moment from the afterparty.

All these photos, by the way, are courtesy our talented production photographer Luke Goodman, who came to the rescue with a camera on very short notice.

Thank you so much, everyone who came out to see and support our crazy robot movie!

Pickups in the Tall Grass

Susan Gearing Up

This past Saturday, Director of Photography Jessica Fisher and I spent about half an hour shooting a few missing shots for the final act of my film, Trash and Progress. To avoid having to take the usual actress away from her busy schedule for such a tiny shoot, I somehow managed to convince Producer Susan Ali (pictured above) to act as a stand in. It was worth it just to see her in a wig.

Though the edit is 95% locked, on a project of this size one finds that significant portions of the story simply don’t come together without the addition of tiny, seemingly minute details. For Trash, this has typically required going down to the basement (or “studio”) and setting up a quick closeup of someone’s hand grabbing a clock, pages in a book turning, or something equally rudimentary.

Susan and Jessica check the tape

In this case, however, the character Darla Dixie needed a little bit more closure in the film, and this necessitated heading out on location to Point Isabella in Richmond, California, where the tall grass is still dry and there are long paths leading out toward the horizon.

"Araceli Electric" Continues Production

Araceli Screenshot 01

A short film I was brought on to do the editing and visual effects for is gearing up for one more day of production. “Araceli Electric,” directed by Susan Ali and with Jessica Fisher as cinematographer wrapped principle photography earlier this year, but the film revolves around a troubled family during the Day of the Dead and with the holiday coming up, the opportunity arose for another day of shoot to fill in a few gaps with real footage from the celebration.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Nine-year-old Araceli desperately tries to make sense of a world that is lonelier than lonely. The recent death of her father has destroyed everything she believed to be true, everything she knew to be real. So she re-imagines a world full of magic and possibility where she can be a kid again.”

Araceli Screenshot 02

Check out my flickr set to see some behind the scenes photos from earlier this year.

Martha and Dee Visit the Fifth Dimension

I just finished work on a fun short film I was hired to do the editing, visual effects, and color correction for. Written and directed by Noelle Foster and with cinematography by Justin Chin, “Martha and Dee Visit the Fifth Dimension” is quick and quirky, and I really enjoyed getting to be a part of putting it together. Here’s the official synopsis:

When Martha runs away from home, she brings her invisible friend, Dee, along. The two girls discover answers to life & the universe, including the nature of the Fifth Dimension.”

Martha and Dee Screenshot 02

The short features the talents of local actors Ilana Klusky (Martha) and Cassie Webber (Dee). I’d love to show the film itself but it’s currently destined for bigger audiences; the process of submitting to film festivals has just begun but it’s already been accepted into the San Francisco New Media Film Festival, where it will premiere Friday, November 5th 2010. I hope to see it wind up elsewhere in the future.

"Trash and Progress" Teaser Trailer

A rookie journalist from the “Outworld” colonies has arrived with her husband in hopes of finding a career-making story on the lost frontier of Earth. What has happened to the descendants of those who were left behind?”

This is the first teaser for a feature-length film currently in post-production. I directed the film with the help of some very talented, professional individuals.

Shot primarily on a Canon XH-A1, using a Letus 35mm adapter.

For a full HD download, visit